Action That Gets Under Your Skin

Governments will seemingly stop at nothing in an attempt to push climate change propaganda. Let's hope the latest promotion doesn't catch on here.

Action That Gets Under Your Skin

The climate insanity shows no signs of abatement as the next generation has been convinced that the end is nigh.

Such is the brainwashing that there's a seemingly never-ending stream of fools chasing a quick benefit in return for surrendering their autonomy to the government.

We recently saw millions of people give up their biometric data for some free crypto-currency with a nominal value. The punters lined up to have their eyeballs scanned to get some 'worldcoin', with the promoters promptly selling that data to any business with a big wallet.

Imagine giving up your most personal possession - your unique biometric information - in return for a few baubles.

Now, governments are getting in on the act.

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