ABC BS on Fukushima

The ongoing ideological and contradictory approach to nuclear power continues under their ABC

ABC BS on Fukushima

The ABC have been exposed as the alarmist propaganda arm of the anti-nuclear lobby.

A viewer complaint has been upheld with the ABC admitting it breached its editorial standards in their coverage of the ten year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster.

Like most propaganda arms, the truth didn't get a look in when the facts get in the way of perpetuating a convenient fiction. In this case the ABC news referred to the "deadly Fukushima nuclear disaster"

The problem is that the cause of the estimated 18,500 deaths at Fukushima had nothing to do with the nuclear power plant. A point they have now been forced to concede.

On 11 March, television news stories reporting on the 10th anniversary of the ­Fukushima disaster described it as ‘the deadly Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The ABC acknowledges that it was the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the nuclear accident which overwhelmingly accounted for the loss of lives; no one died directly in the nuclear reactor meltdown.”

This is another example of how you simply cannot trust the their ABC. They are not. news outlet but a propaganda service, serving neither government nor the public. They only seek to push the narrow agenda and warped world view of their green-left leaning employees.

Australian taxpayers deserve better. Even if the cost to every Australian is just cents per day, we are being ripped off.

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