A War We Must Win

The resistance to the tyranny sweeping the West is a war in which we have to engage and it's one we must win.

A War We Must Win
Photo by Spenser H / Unsplash

Make no mistake, the battle lines are drawn and we are at war.

Not a war in the traditional sense. It's not nation against nation, with planes and bombs and invading forces.

The battle is within the West, as one group of people try to subject others to their oppressive agenda.

Their slow march has gathered momentum in recent years and now the rebel push is on.

We see it in many areas but most noticeably within the cancel culture movement.

More people are now aware of the pernicious threat the tech media platforms and their overlords are to our freedom of speech and expression.

In response, the creation of a parallel economy has begun, with the goal that a more inclusive and open online community can develop.

Rumble is a video sharing platform taking on the might of Google's YouTube.

It's doing amazingly well and recently the CEO of Rumble offered under siege podcaster Joe Rogan a $100 million dollar deal to join the site.

There are also alternatives to Twitter gaining traction while Facebook lost $250 billion in market value because of falling user numbers.

We see legacy news networks like CNN and MSNBC tumble in the ratings as their news ethics are questioned and some of their team are exposed as perverts, paedophiles and liars.

There are nation-changing demonstrations going on all over the world, most of which are dutifully ignored by the legacy hatestream media.

I call them hatestream media because they clearly hate the mainstream.

The largest of these protests is in Canada, where tens of thousands of truckers and their supporters are blockading the streets to protest vaccine mandates.

The government and police response has been astonishing.

Prime Minister Trudeau is having his Marie Antoinette moment while law enforcement have been exposed as totally compromised agents of the state rather than protectors of the people.

Antifa losers have been caught committing crimes like arson and ramming protesters. Again, events scarcely covered by the legacy media and when they are the blme is sheeted home to the peaceful protesters.

And this demonstration is no longer just truckers.

They have been joined by cowboys and farmers and others who recognise this battle is not simply a matter of their jobs being on the line.

It really is all about personal liberty and the power of the state to take that away without rhyme nor reason.


As the movement grows, the protesters are no longer confining themselves to blockade of Ottawa. They are now blocking the US - Canadian border.

We have our own protests here in Australia. It's clear many are intent on using their vote to express their displeasure with the government.

However, many are doing much more than that.

Some politicians are standing up for principle and paying a heavy price. Nurses and teachers and many others are losing jobs because they are resisting tyranny.

Some are peacefully march in the streets drawing awareness to the lack of truth in what we have been told.

These people are all at the front of the freedom and culture war in which we are engaged.

It is a fight for the survival of our way of life and the traditional liberties afforded every individual under the tenets of Western civilisation.

It's a war that we must win.

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