A Political Stitch Up

When the self-described 'centre' and the 'left' team up, it's because they hate the idea of normal people running the country.

A Political Stitch Up

There is something significant about the recent elections in France.

The 'centre' teamed up with the 'hard left' to prevent the 'hard right' from winning government.

I've chosen to italicize the media's descriptors because, frankly, they often seem to lack any real meaning.

Anyone with a slight nationalist bent or a sense of patriotism is classified as hard-right. That's because they are punching against the zeitgeist that we are all supposed to subscribe to.

It wasn't that long ago that cherishing the rule of law, national pride, civilised behaviour, strong borders, and self-determination were the prerequisites for being considered normal.

Now, it's the complete opposite. If you dare speak up about any of those things, then you are labelled a far-right racist dinosaur.

It's much the same with those claiming to be 'centrists'.

That's a cop-out for people who are basically fringe-dwelling leftists but can't bring themselves to embrace some of the nuttier positions.

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