A New Political Power Grab

There's a new Uniparty proposal to entrench even more power in Canberra, and it comes with a heavy price to political accountability.

A New Political Power Grab
Photo by Social Estate / Unsplash

Just when you think politicians can't get further out of touch with their constituents, they devise a scheme to further reduce their accountability.

The current proposal is to have four-year terms, and, unsurprisingly, it's been embraced by both sides of the political aisle.

When the idea was recently embraced by the Prime Minister, former PM John Howard was quick to lend his support.

For all his strengths as Prime Minister, Howard rarely missed an opportunity to consolidate power in Canberra. He supported Bob Hawke's ambition to increase parliamentary terms in 1988.

The Australian reports:

"As Opposition Leader in 1988, Mr Howard supported Bob Hawke’s referendum proposal for four-year terms but it was defeated in all six states and only got just over 32 per cent of the popular vote."

Howard's latest comment shows that a Leopard doesn't change its spots—despite the overwhelming evidence that more power to Canberra does more damage to Australia.

Peter Dutton, as close to a political son of Howard as there is in the parliament, also offered up qualified support.

In doing so, both these conservatives have embraced the uniparty vision, joining the likes of Socialist Gough Whitlam and the hapless State and Territory governments.

The only substantive public voice of political dissent has come from Tony Abbot, who said:

“I’ve always taken the view that if there’s a bad government an election can’t come soon enough, and if it’s a good government, it shouldn’t be scared of an election.”

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