A New Alliance

As the West chokes on woke, a new alliance of highly populous and well resourced nations is changing geopolitics.

A New Alliance
Photo by Thomas Tucker / Unsplash

As we have discussed previously, recent events have driven Russia and China closer together.

China's President Xi has just completed a lengthy visit to Moscow where the strength of the relationship was iterated by both sides.

While formally announcing some important food, energy and defence agreements it was the words about the United States pushing the Ukraine war "to an uncontrollable phase" that should have us all worried.

Of course some will argue that it is Russia's persistence in continuing the war that is causing escalation in tensions, but that belies the reality that this is not a battle between the two nations directly involved.

Instead, it is a proxy war that is dividing the world.

It's a battle that I cannot see the West winning.  

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