A Lifetime of 'Safety'

The government has shifted the narrative to saving the children in an attempt to trap people in their 'non-compulsory' Digital ID.

A Lifetime of 'Safety'

Sometimes you have to acknowledge the sheer bastardy and cunning of government.

They know how to get what they want and will manipulate the public narrative to ensure they get it.

Last week in parliament (aside from the Socialist spend-a-thon budget), saw the passage of the non-compulsory digital ID bill.

The lemmings in Parliament House went to great lengths to stress how no one would be forced to register for a digital ID, that is unless they want to actually access some government services.

You know, those irritating things like medicare, social security and a license of any description.

In that respect, it's like how the dangerous experimental vaxx jabs were non-compulsory. You only needed them to travel anywhere or enter a public (and sometimes private) space.

The likes of Bird in Hand winery declared that only vaxx quaxx could enter their premises - ever.

It is unknown if they have backed away from that dangerous discrimination but I stopped buying their product years ago as a matter of principle.

Unfortunately, they weren't the oddity as all manner of people surrendered their intelligence to the dangerous fools insisting we follow 'the science'.

That science was almost entirely fabricated 'for our own good' and those lies have done enormous physical, financial and psychological damage.

The government now says the Digital ID is also for our 'own good'.

We're assured it will protect our identity, make life easier and will never, ever ever be misused. I pity the fools who believe them.

But knowing there'll be some ID hesitancy, the government has pivoted their pitch to one of 'save the children'.

No, I'm not talking about the abused children in many Aboriginal communities; government won't talk about them. Instead it is now focussing on the need to ban children under the age of 16 from social media.

After all, a Twitter account is much more dangerous to a little kid than a predatory uncle juiced up on meth and alcohol.

That's not to suggest Social Media is a social good. I don't think it is and know it has damaged many adults and children alike.

However, it is odd that this new government cause only arises after the Digital ID bill has passed.

Surely it's a coincidence that the only effective measure of registering a credible age test is by having a government approved digital document testifying to the fact you are who you say you are.

That means that each and every child who wants to be on Facebook or TikTok or one of the other mindless platforms, will rush to get their digital ID the day they turn 16 - if they don't have one already.

And of course, it's all for our own good. The Prime Minster said:

“What we want is our youngest Australians spending more time outside playing sport, engaging with each other in a normal way and less time online, and one way to do that is through restrictions on social media.”

As an aside, if Labor governments spent less time stopping school sports and decided to ban mobile phones in schools, I think kids would be playing outside more too.

Peeking behind the curtain, this is a policy that sounds wonderful to many of us but I can tell that the government's goals are not as publicly stated.

The only thing this has to do with children is getting them on the system that will eventually track their every move for life.

Thought for the Day

"We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."
George Orwell

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