A Judicial Pogrom

The ICC’s threat of arrest warrants against Israel’s leaders is an affront to democracy and humanity.

A Judicial Pogrom
Photo by Wesley Tingey / Unsplash
A judicial pogrom
The ICC’s threat of arrest warrants against Israel’s leaders is an affront to democracy and humanity.


Patient’s death on Gold Coast highlights ‘extremely stressful’ strain on hospitals
The director of Australia’s busiest emergency department says patients will never be left alone in the back of an ambulance as staff try to find them a bed but admits that hospital overcrowding has become a “major problem” across the country.
Australia’s Energy Market is out of Control - Yallourn Must Remain Open to Avert Blackouts
“Australia’s energy market and its so-called transition is out of control. Today’s warning by AEMO of impending summer blackouts across the east-coast means the Victorian government must keep the Yallourn coal-fired power station open well past its artificial closure date of 2028,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.


Ukraine’s Latest Conscription Law Stretches Workforce | The Libertarian Institute
Ukraine’s newest conscription law went into effect on Saturday, raising concerns that the country will be unable to fill critical industrial jobs. The law increases the number of men who can be conscripted and requires all males to take additional registration steps. The operator of a steel plant in Kryvyi…
Major Russian bank to revive South African refinery
PetroSA and Russia’s Gazprombank are conducting a feasibility study with a view to reviving a gas-to-liquid refinery in South Africa

Business, Finance & Investment

Wall Street’s Biggest Bear, Mike Wilson, Finally Capitulates
But we won’t crash just yet, because the other half of the “doom and gloom” equation - Marko Kolanovic - remains stubbornly bearish. And as we said more than a year ago, the rally will go on until both of them capitulate…
Mapped: The Top Export in Each EU Country
Cars and petroleum dominate the European Union exports.


House committee finds Harvard leadership showed ‘pattern of inaction’ in fighting anti-Semitism
​Harvard University continually showed a lack of action toward fighting campus anti-Semitism after the October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorist attack, according to a House of Representatives committee report.
The Wokey World of Politics, Enemy, and Power
Isn’t it special how Harvard has been negotiating with the peaceful protestors camping in Harvard Yard and has agreed to look into a Center for Palestine Studies at Harvard? Let us imagine, for a moment, anti-abortion activists standing sile…
Press freedom means protecting Julian Assange | The Spectator Australia
James Cleverly won’t be able to move the Julian Assange file out of his inbox quite yet after all. The High Court has allowed Assange to appeal once more against extradition to the US on the basis…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Breaks Out Above $68K as Solana’s 7% Gain Leads Crypto Rally
Inflows into the spot bitcoin ETFs restarted in a big way last week as the price rallied from near the $60K level.


Ann Coulter: Long COVID ‘Total B.S.’ Made Up by ‘Neurotic Liberal Women’

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