A Glimpse into Our Future

The Chinese have taken citizen surveillance to a scary new level. The real question is how long before our governments justify using similar technology here.

A Glimpse into Our Future
Photo by Tobias Tullius / Unsplash

I've been learning about the Chinese social credit system recently, and what I've found is very concerning.

Not in the sense of a personal worry for the Chinese citizens but a deep concern a version of it will find its way here.

We've already had a taste of the digital world defining our personhood.

Those who didn't succumb to the dangerous and experimental COVID jabs were relegated to a quasi-non-citizen status during the pandemic. Without their digital credentials, they were frozen out of medical facilities, entertainment venues and more.

In South Australia, the useless Marshall government even had people under house arrest, monitored by a regular face scan and GPS tracker, to ensure they remained imprisoned in their homes.

It was a mere glimpse into the alarming possibilities of how a social credit system can work.

What the Chinese are doing should send shockwaves through any freedom-loving individual.

Here's some of what I found.

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