A Generation of Regret

After a lifetime of indoctrination, generation Z have realised their political power. At some stage they'll be mugged by reality.

A Generation of Regret
Photo by Callum Shaw / Unsplash

You may have heard the term ‘politics is downstream of culture’

It was coined by Andrew Breitbart and it means if you want to change politics you have to change the culture.

We saw evidence of that this week in the US midterm elections.


The Republicans technically won, by which I mean they gained seats but they underperformed on expectations.

And those expectations were high for very good reason. The US economy is in recession. The US president is befuddled and the Vice President makes Biden look like a genius.

There also a huge inflation problem, a porous border that has seen millions cross into the country illegally and a trove of other scandals that rock citizens confidence in politics.

Under those circumstances, the Democrats should have been decimated.

And they were, in Florida, where the Ron DeSantis led red tsunami prevented any Democrat from winning a statewide office.

But the rest of the country didn’t swing to the Republicans as expected.

This saw compromised candidates like John Fetterman, virtually unable to string words together as a result of a stroke, beating the carpet bagger running for the Republicans.


Incredibly it gets even worse than that.  

The Democrats ran a dead person on the ballot - and they won in a landslide.

That’s right, a state legislator from Pennsylvania Tony DeLuca, who died last month, won 85% of the vote in the 32nd electoral district. Needless to say, those voters will be back to the polls pretty soon.

But what does this have to do with culture?

Well when you look at the voting patterns of certain demographics you can see how culture has influenced voting behavior.

The Republicans won a strong majority of those aged over 45 ( around a 12% advantage)

The Democrats narrowly won the 30 -44 year age group. (a 2% advantage)

However, in the 18 -29 age profile, Democrats won by a massive 28 points.

Make no mistake, it was Generation Z vote that stopped the red tsunami from sweeping the board.

To anyone who understands basic economics or who has lived through a recession or under the threat of serious war, it’s confounding how anyone but the foolish could endorse what the Biden administration has delivered.

But those in their first decade of voting have been conditioned by the education system and media that the Democrats are the true party of equality, fairness, normality and stability.

They have been trained into believing that government is the solution to their problems.

An economic crisis?  Just print more money.
A falling stock market? Call the plunge protection team.
Got too much debt? Government will cancel it.
Not enough money? Have some universal basic income.
Unhappy? Here’s some puberty blockers and some new pronouns.
Life not fair? We’ll deliver equity by making it equally unfair for all…but a little more unfair for white people

This has been the staple diet of a generation of Americans who have basically been taught to loathe their own country.

And here’s how this new patriotism manifests itself at the polling station

On Wednesday, Generation Z they voted for more of the same.

The things that are actually destroying America rather than strengthening it.

They don’t consider the decline in American society as the fault of government. Instead they see very government that created the issues in the first place as the solution to those problems.

In the worlds of one pundit on Twitter.

And wise up they will when this version of Democratic socialism delivers the same results as every other form of socialism ever has: societal decay, division, entrenched elitism and perpetual misery shared across the maximum number of people.

But by the time they wise up  it will be too late.

The cupboard will be bare and they’ll grow to hate the very society they have worked so hard to create.

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