A Festival of Elite Self-adoration

The town of Davos became the centre of the universe this week as the self-described elite mapped out our future.

A Festival of Elite Self-adoration
Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash

The annual festival of elite self-adoration got underway this week in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s where billionaires, bureaucrats and BS artists get together to plan how they can shape the world in their image.

It’s all put together by the World Economic Forum under the stewardship of Klaus Schwab.

He’s the man behind the the Great Reset and the ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy” mantra.

He’s also an astounding hypocrite like so many of the blowhards at Davos.

They want to reinvent capitalism to save the planet by forcing kooky green schemes on the rest of us, all while flitting about in private jets, living in mansions and driving luxury cars.

This years Davos meeting is run under the mantra of ‘“Working Together, Restoring Trust”

It’s a wise move given how their agenda to oppress, control and coerce normal people has come to the fore over the past two years.

Remember, Schwab boasted of how the WEF had infiltrated government's right around the world.

They even though shutting down cities was a good thing, although they’ve tried to delete the evidence.

They even think we should be eating bugs to save the planet.

Somehow I don’t think these Davos elites will be accompanying their fancy wines with a side of crickets, that’s just for the rest of us.

What is fascinating this year though, is the scrutiny that the WEF and the Davos love-in is getting from independent journalists.

They are lifting the lid on a whole bunch of questionable stuff that usually goes under the radar.

Here’s the Indian minister for oil being interviewed by Australia’s Avi Yemeni and admitting Schwab wants to rule the capitalists of the world.

It's around the 50 second mark in the video below.


We’ve seen corporate titans boast of how they are working towards monitoring what you buy, what you eat and where and how you can travel.

Here’s the boss of tech giant Alibaba.


But it’s not all foreigners chipping in to the oppressive agenda. Here’s Australia’s own eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant on how we have to recalibrate freedom of speech and human rights.


She’s right, we do need to remove the crazy cancel culture encouraged by the oppressive leftist elites but somehow that’s not what I think she actually meant.

Recalibrating human rights is more likely to mean restricting more of your rights.

The crew at Davos have even got special badges for the Swiss police.  Have a look.

It looks like a couple of goats preparing to butt heads. That’s appropriate symbolism for this tribe of Davos bleaters.

The only thing missing is a symbol of us being crushed between them.

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