A Failure of Leadership

The debacle of the South Australian coronavirus lockdown is a failure of leadership and a telling example of the perils of government by bureaucracy.

A Failure of Leadership

The most extreme Coronavirus lockdown in the world was also one of the shortest.

On Thursday afternoon, South Australian Premier Steven Marshall shut down the entire state because 22 people were confirmed with the virus. Sixteen of them were from one family and all could be traced to quarantine failures at the medi-vac hotels.

Like all spineless politicians, the decision was made under the cover of 'expert advice' which is really just bureaucrats exerting their power. The bureaucrat is useful cover for leaders who haven't got much idea what they are doing and are looking to cover their every decision from criticism.

They told South Australia that the lockdown, which entailed a mooted six day home curfew for 1.5 million people, was because the strain of the disease was more virulent and more deadly.

That was a load of codswallop but it scared many into submission.

The incompetence continued. Masks were announced as mandatory but the next day they announced that masks were 'encouraged' because the logistics of getting them out was too hard.

The South Australian police stated on their website that only one person per household was allowed to go to the supermarket or pharmacy daily.

Then the Chief health officer said you could also go to the bottle shop to get alcohol to stop the escalation of domestic violence (DV)!

Yes that's right, after decades of her department telling us all that alcohol is a major cause of DV, they are now saying it is essential to prevent it.

Talk about a theatre of the absurd. It was obvious from the get-go that they were making ad-hoc decisions, without any real idea of what they were doing or why.

However, that didn't stop them from shutting down a state.The true absurdity of this is demonstrated by the closure of towns and regional centres hundreds of kilometres from the infected family, where zero cases exist.

In some instances there has been no recorded cases in these areas since the pandemic began.

It also turns out Marshall et al overreacted to a lie from one of the infected. That's their story anyway.

It seems a little too convenient to blame an unnamed individual, who will not be charged with any crime,  for the disastrous decisions the Premier made.

Like in Victoria, this breakout was caused by shoddy quarantine protocols which were implemented by the State government. They told us that it was caught from surface transmission but insiders tell me that a hotel worker had closer contact with a quarantined person than they should have.

They then infected their family and a co-worker at a pizza bar who happened to work at another medi-hotel facility. That co-worker apparently claimed they only bought a pizza at the shop and this triggered the closure of a state.

It brings into question the judgement, prudence and wisdom of those charged with these critical decisions.

According to the leadership, this (coupled with the quarantine fiction) demonstrated that the 'new, deadlier virus' could be easily spread by surface contact.

That's must be why shopping at a local store was banned but piling into the supermarket with other panicked buyers was the right thing to do!

Hundreds of millions of dollars in costs and losses have been incurred by SA businesses. Confidence in the government and the future is falling, as it should.

Who's to say they won't panic again next time a few people get coronavirus? What will be the new threshold? Will the authorities actually engage their brain before their bravado next time?

These questions and more leave the state of South Australia in limbo.

Why would anyone plan or invest when everything can be blown up at the whim of unelected bureaucrats being used as foils by hapless politicians.

Alarmingly, the fact that so many passively and unthinkingly accepted everything they were told, despite the inconsistency, suggests they are now ready for the planned Great Reset.

The Great Reset is not a myth or a conspiracy theory, it is a goal of the global elites to have us managed by the bureaucracy and become mere vassals of the state.

At least we cannot say we weren't warned.

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