A Desperate Power Grab

After a decade of riding roughshod over the Liberal Party in South Australia, the wets have been cleaned out, and it's sparked a desperate and hypocritical power grab.

A Desperate Power Grab

This weekend, I read one of the most useless and hypocritical political documents I’ve ever seen. 

It was breathtaking because the person who presented it is at the root of the problems he now claims he wants to fix.

The author is Liberal Senate leader Simon Birmingham, who made the presentation at the South Australian Liberal Party Annual General Meeting. 

Before I get to the content, let me paint a picture of the last decade or so of the Liberals in South Australia.

They’ve been dominated by an intolerant cabal of lefty liberals who call themselves ‘moderates’ but who are, in reality, more labor-like than liberal in their policy approach. 

Birmingham, for example, the factional leader of the wets in South Australia, has embraced every lefty idea since getting into parliament. He’s pro-republic, pro-voice, pro-climate apocalypse, pro-redefining marriage, pro-gender identity, pro pronouns.

By my reckoning, he’s for everything except what the Liberal Party have always stood for. 

If he’s anything like his mentor Christopher Pyne, he’s probably got a picture of JFK and Hillary Clinton on his office wall, possibly with a few rainbows and unicorns for good measure. 

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